Our Services as Certified Experts

Our accreditation and services as certified expert reflect the experience gained in the development, operation and approval of machines and systems. We have experienced experts for our main working areas. Depending on the legal requirements, the experts are examined, approved and recognized by the relevant authorities or are also appointed by the courts.

Certified experts for cranes

Certified experts for cranes

Our crane experts are examined and approved by the professional associations. The inspection authority for cranes at IFF encompasses certified experts as well as experienced engineers in the field of calculation and operative measurement technology.

We provide the following services:

  • Carrying out preliminary and construction examinations and acceptance tests for cranes of all kinds, hoists, work platforms and load handling devices
  • Preparing reports related to problems arising from the operation of cranes and hoists
  • Definition of measures after detection of damage and after accidents
  • Consulting for the optimization of machine safety

Our inspection authority for cranes

Certified experts for mining technology

Certified experts for mining technology

Our certified experts for opencast mining equipment have been tested and approved by the regional ministries and district governments, depending on the federal responsibilities. Engineering services are provided as part of the IFF inspection authority for open-pit mining equipment.

Our services are:

  • Evaluation and assessment of equipment documentation as well as erection and dismantling technologies
  • Investigations for the evaluation of equipment and work safety
  • Preparation of reports in cases of damage and after accidents
  • Worldwide activity on site in projects related to the construction and operation of large scale equipment

Our inspection authority for open-pit mining equipment