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Bulk materials and mining technology

We are a high-performance engineering partner for manufacturers and operators of equipment for mining, transport, handling and storage of bulk goods.

Our experienced team has expertise in bulk material and mining equipment of all types, sizes and for different purposes.

All engineering services are provided for new machines as well as for reconstruction and modernization, which are the basis for quality and proper work in the manufacture, commissioning and recommissioning.

In our inspection authorithy for open-pit mining equipment we bundle the know-how of experienced experts with our services in the areas of calculation and design of open pit mining equipment.


We provide engineering services for the following typical device categories:

  • Bucket wheel excavator
  • Bucket-chain excavator
  • Spreader
  • Overburden conveyor bridges
  • Stacker / reclaimer
  • Ship loading and unloading equipment
  • Portal scraper
  • Stationary processing plants
  • Mobile and semi-mobile conveying and processing plants
  • Components and special equipment

Services for manufacturers

Our services for manufacturers are focused on building new machines for bulk materials and mining technology.

  • Supporting the entire process of creating a machine for bulk materials or systems, from quotation and planning until acceptance
  • Preparation of verifiable documents, calculations and drawings approved by the auditing authorities
  • Realization of short project periods
  • Optimization of design variants
  • Preparation of verifiable calculations for mechanical engineering and static calculations for supporting structures

Services for operators

We support operators of open-pit mining equipment and machines for bulk materials during operation and maintenance. In addition, we advise and assist operators with new or replacement purchases.

  • Engineering services for design and manufacturer-independent implementation of changes, performance upgrades and modernization of bulk handling equipment; including static and mechanical engineering calculations
  • Definition of measures and test intervals on the basis of measuring testing analysis and susequent calculations
  • Development of reconstruction and dismantling technologies
  • Evaluation of the remaining service life of supporting structures and mechanical engineering elements to ensure adequate operational safety
  • Carrying out of manufacturer-independent evaluations of constructions
  • Specification of measures for cleaning up damages

Inspection authority for open-pit mining equipment

In our inspection authority for open-pit mining equipment, we bundle the know-how of experienced and certified experts with our services in the areas of calculation and design of opencast mining equipment

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