Bulk materialsSystems for baggage and air cargoDistribution and production logistics

Materials handling systems and airport logistics

We are an efficient engineering partner for operators and manufacturers of equipment for the transport, handling, storage, distribution and sorting of bulk materials and unit loads of all kinds.

Our know-how results from longstanding experience and especially the complex knowledge about design and function of the various machinery components as well as the knowledge derived therefrom about their work in the system network.

We offer complex engineering both for the new construction as well as the rebuilding of machinery (extension, modernization).

We are specialized in handling systems at airports, especially systems for baggage, freight and parcel post, as well as on the automotive industry and logistics centers.

Bulk materials handling

We provide services for manufacturers and operators of bulk handling systems based on our longstanding experience in the design and planning of conveying machines and system components.

The areas of work include facilities for:

  • Mining
  • Transport
  • Handling
  • Processing
  • Storage and distribution

of bulk goods of all kinds.

Handling systems for baggage and air cargo

Based on a variety of engineering projects for European and non-European airports, we are a recognized specialist for baggage and air cargo handling systems.

The focus is on handling and sorting systems at airports for:

  • Baggage
  • Air cargo
  • Parcel post

Distribution and production logistics

We plan and design material flow systems for both system operators and manufacturers. The scope of services includes all techniques and technologies of continuous or unsteady conveying of unit loads.

We provide engineering services for handling systems in the following sectors:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Distribution centers for wholesale and retail
  • Logistics centers for courier, express and parcel services
  • Factories and facilities of all kinds with mechanized or automated goods / material flow