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We have many years of experience as an engineering service provider for the construction and operation of cranes. On the basis of our extensive know-how and taking into account current market developments, we develop sustainable solutions for our customers.

Integrated engineering services are our strength. We can offer our customers all phases of engineering for both new construction as well as reconstruction and modernization from one source.

The engineering services are supplemented by metrological recording of geometries and stress states with associated evaluation up to the development of measures.

We have several crane experts approved by the trade association. Our experts are certified for preliminary, construction and acceptance tests as well as tests after reconstructions.

The focus of our services

  • Bridge cranes
  • Metallurgical cranes
  • Container cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Port and shipyard cranes
  • Nuclear Cranes (cranes according to KTA)
  • Hoists in nuclear facilities
  • Tower cranes including climbing equipment
  • Railway cranes
  • Special cranes
  • Load lifting attachments of all kinds

Services for manufacturers

Our services for manufacturers are focused on building new cranes.

  • Supporting the entire process of creating a crane, from quotation and planning until acceptance
  • Preparation of verifiable documents, calculations and drawings approved by the auditing authorities
  • Realization of short project periods by large staff capacity
  • Optimization of design variants
  • Preparation of verifiable calculations for mechanical engineering or static calculations for supporting structures
  • Preparation of acceptance protocols upon delivery (quality assurance by own measurements)
  • Acceptance by certified experts

Services for operators

We support operators of cranes during operation and maintenance. In addition, we advise and assist operators with new or replacement purchases.

  • Engineering services for design and manufacturer-independent implementation of changes, performance upgrades and modernization of cranes
  • Engineering services to extend the service life of crane systems
  • Empower operators to identify the need for technical changes based on current legal requirements
  • Definition of measures and test intervals on the basis of measuring testing analysis and subsequent calculations
  • Preparation of conversion technologies
  • Evaluation of the remaining service life of supporting structures and mechanical engineering elements to ensure adequate operational safety
  • Carrying out manufacturer-independent evaluations of constructions
  • Consulting on the subject of operational safety of materials handling machines
  • Investigation of damages
  • Quality assurance / incoming goods inspection on delivery of new cranes
  • Manufacturing supervision / verification of manufacturing tolerances
  • Geometric measurements and adjustments / settings of any kind (diagonal wheel position, crane runway, camber, …)

Inspection authority for cranes

We are a competent problem solver for manufacturers and operators. Our inspection authority for cranes combines the competence of experienced crane experts with the complex range of services in the areas of calculation, design, simulation and measurement technology.

Our service range includes:

  • Preliminary and construction examinations and acceptance tests
  • Customized solutions to various problems resulting from the operation of cranes and hoists
  • Development of technical arguments in preparation for legal disputes

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