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Calculation and Simulation

The basis for the development, design and construction of machines, systems and steel structures is their verifiable design and dimensioning for the operational loads and other external influences to be considered.

Static and mechanical calculations are one of our core competencies. Among them the calculations are carried out with our inhouse-developed software solutions.

Our services in the field of calculations and simulations

  • Planning of steel structures for machines, systems, vehicles and bridges
  • Defining the load cases to be proofed on the basis of functions and hazard analyzes
  • Determination of the internal forces and documentation of all required proofs (structural and stability safety, static equilibrium, serviceability, service life), even according to higher-order theories
  • Dynamic analyzes of supporting structures to prevent inadmissible vibrations, proof of earthquake safety
  • Calculation of the remaining service life of supporting structures and components taking into account the load history with calculated or measured and classificated stress ranges
  • Solving special calculation problems using the finite element method (stresses in non-rod-shaped components, at notch or load introduction points, buckling tests for plate and shell structures, stresses due to temperature fields)
  • Determination of the characteristics of drives of all kinds (hoists, slewing and running gears, rope drives, transfer drives)
  • Dimensioning of the drive elements (e.g. gears, shafts, axles, brakes, drums)
  • Dynamic analysis of drive systems to determine the impact load in non-stationary processes
  • Vibration simulations
  • Verification according to KTA 3902 for hoists used in nuclear installations and their components
  • Erection and dismantling technologies for large equipment and steel structures including blast technologies
  • Acoustical Optimisation of machinery and appliances regarding given Sound Power Level Targets and Psychoacoustic Parameters
  • Rotordynamical Optimisation of machinery and appliances regarding given Vibration Limits
  • Development of requirement-specific vibration transducers and measurement systems

Deployed software

To carry out calculations, various software solutions are used at IFF.

  • KRASTA (rod statics)
  • RSTAB/RFEM (rod statics, FEM)
  • ITI-SIM (simulation of dynamically stressed nonlinear systems)
  • eAssistant
  • IFF software developed inhouse

Contact us

Static and mechanical calculations are one of our core competences. We would be happy to support you in various areas related to calculation and simulation.


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  2. Phone: +49(0)341 4875 2269