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Crane safety technology

Certainly safe.

Based on our long-standing engineering experience in the crane environment, we offer various systems for monitoring hoists.

By using force measuring sensors from our own development and production, our technology is also particularly recommended for retrofit solutions.

Monitor lifting capacity

For the safe monitoring of the lifting capacity, we offer the "Load Monitor LM R5" with the following features:

  • Available with one or two channels
  • Has 4 or 8 freely adjustable relays with 12 different switching functions (e.g. overload and underload, load increase, etc.)
  • Records the used full load hours in accordance with FEM 9.755 and can transfer the signals via a parameterizable current output, e.g. to a large display
  • Is compact, lightweight and designed for harsh conditions (ideal for retrofitting).

In addition, we offer special solutions for special load monitoring cases (large number of signals or complex switching functions) based on a PLC.

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