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Component Testing

To carry out component tests, we have three test laboratories, which are equipped with different testing machines and systems for the realization of different scenarios. These test laboratories are the prerequisite for the performance of strength tests, especially the determination of fatigue strength.

To perform customized and highly specialized tests, our test facilities are individually built inhouse. Thus, we are able to carry out a wide variety of test scenarios in our test laboratories. The tests are mainly realized by means of servo technology and pulsation technology.

In addition to permanently installed test facilities, we also have portable test facilities, so that parts of the test tasks (mainly static tests) can be carried out directly at our customers' premises.

Static tests

We perform the following static tests:

  • Body tests according to DIN EN 12663-1:2015-03 and DIN EN 12663-2:2010-07
  • Buffer tests according to DIN EN 15551:2011-01
  • Testing of drawbars and screw couplings according to DIN EN 15566:2016-12
  • Tests on bogie frames according to DIN EN 13749:2011-06
  • Pulling and compression tests on central buffer couplings and their components
  • Determination of characteristic curves or damper characteristics
  • Static tests on various components in customer-specific test benches

Endurance test

We perform the following tests to verify the service life of components:

  • Fatigue tests on standard fork arms and special designs according to ISO 2320
  • Customized pulling tests on coupling systems
  • Wear tests on buffing gears according to customer specifications
  • Endurance tests on bogies according to DIN EN 13749:2011-06
  • Testing of draw and buffing gears of rail vehicles
  • Any endurance tests according to customer specification
  • Endrance tests after preceding measuring run and signal generation

Suitability and approval tests

  • Tensile tests on welded samples in accordance with DIN 4099-2:2003-08
  • Breaking tests on welded rail joints
  • Compression tests on insulating joints of rails
  • Tension, compression and stability tests on vehicle couplings
  • Pulling tests on ropes and chains up to 500 kN tensile force
  • Compression tests on crash buffers until release of the crash function
  • Analyis of the running behaviour of railway vehicles
  • Acoustic measurements on and in railbound vehicles

Special functional tests

  • Approval tests on fixing technology (e.g. bearing capacity of concrete dowels, static and dynamic tests, determination of maximum pull-out forces)
  • Dynamic testing of hydraulic supporting systems
  • Testing of prototypes with accompanying stress and strain measurement
  • Testing of add-on parts decoupled from the test of the main structur

Tailor-made test beds

We develop and construct customized test beds tailored to the application area.

  • Test rigs for component fatigue (application of external forces, torques)
  • Test rigs for quality assurance and endurance tests of your specific products
  • Measurement of forces, temperatures, deformations, stresses, torques of any kind and size as well as many other physical values

Contact us

Do you have components that need to be verified? Then contact us. We have appropriate test centers enabling us to implement various test scenarios. Based on in-house developments, we can implement customized and highly specialized testing tasks.


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