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Railway vehicles

We are an experienced partner in the field of measuring and testing tasks on rail vehicles and their components. For our customers, we carry out approval tests, tests to gain knowledge, operational strength tests, driving tests as well as functional tests.

Moreover, as competent engineering partner, we offer comprehensive services in the areas of development, design and calculation. So we provide all-round support for manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles.


The focal points of work are the following rail vehicle categories:

  • Traction vehicles
  • Passenger coaches
  • Freight wagons
  • Light rail vehicles / trams
  • Catenary maintenance vehicles
  • Track working vehicles
  • Railway-specific components

Our engineering services

  • Design and calculation of vehicles and their components as a service to rail vehicle manufacturers and operators
  • Examination of static calculations
  • Fatigue strength calculations

Measuring and testing services

  • Strength verification for bogie frames and car bodies
  • Proof of the static strength of car bodies
  • Buffing impact tests on rail vehicles
  • Dynamic behaviour and braking tests
  • Functional tests of modules
  • Creation of test programs and measuring point plans on the basis of calculations

Test institute for railway vehicles

Initially certified in 1997 by the Federal Railway Authority as a "test center for railway-typical tests on railway vehicles", we have been accredited to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 since 2008.

This accreditation confirms our competence to carry out static and dynamic strength tests on rail vehicles and their components.

In addition to the accredited scope of testing, other testing services, such as experiments are carried out to gain insight or for functional tests.

Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

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