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Inspection authority and certified experts for cranes

We are a competent partner and problem solver for manufacturers and operators of cranes of all kinds, hoists, work platforms and load handling devices. As inspection authority for cranes, we combine the expertise of experienced crane experts with our services in the fields of calculation, design, simulation and metrology.

Our service repertoire includes: preliminary, construction and acceptance tests as well as customized solutions to various problems arising from the operation of cranes and hoists. In addition, we prepare technical arguments in preparation for legal disputes.

Expert reports and opinions

Our crane experts prepare expert reports together with their team. Currently we have 2 certified and experienced crane experts in our company: Mr. Pfaff and Mr. Kießig.

  • Evaluation and documentation of current condition of supporting structures and mechanical elements (structural inspections)
  • Development of reconstruction technologies
  • Load capacity increases
  • Inspection of remaining service life
  • Determination of required inspection intervals
  • Consulting on the subject of operational safety of cranes
  • Execution of pre-construction and acceptance tests for all types of cranes, lifting equipment, work platforms and load handling equipment
  • Preparation of expert reports related to problems arising from the operation of cranes and lifting equipment
  • Damage verification and definition of corresponding measures
  • Advice on optimizing machine safety

Measuring testing analysis

Our crane experts also carry out various measuring testing analysis.

  • Measurement of crane runway (without and/or with crane loads)
  • Measurement of crane geometry as well as verification of manufacturer tolerances (e.g. wheel misalignment, structur misalignment)
  • Evaluation of the running behavior of cranes (for example, determination of skew forces and vibration behavior)
  • Determination of deformation and stress conditions on structural and mechanical elements
  • Measurement of the wheel load distribution
  • Evaluation of the vibration behavior (for example serviceability, cabin vibrations)
  • Root cause analysis through complex measurements on hoists

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Are you looking for competent crane experts or would you like to have acceptance tests carried out? Then contact us.

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