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Force measuring sensors

Tailor-made force measuring sensors - precision for your specific requirements.

Based on our longstanding experience in measurement processes, we develop and manufacture customized measuring equipment in the "sensor-amplifier-software-actuator" chain. Our product portfolio includes individual sensors as well as fully equipped test stands, which are built at our customers’ location on site. Due to our comprehensive know-how, we are able to realize customer-specific solutions for unusual measuring and testing tasks apart from standard procedures.

Force measuring equipment

For our customers we develop and supply force measuring equipment of all kinds. These include, for example:

  • Sensors for brake force measurement on vehicles (block brake, disc brake)
  • Anchoring force load cells (usage at waterway intersection Magdeburg)
  • Force sensitive axles on vehicles
  • Force sensitive shift forks in gear boxes
  • Load sensors on forklifts and other vehicles
  • Biaxial force measuring axes, in order to detect force and its effective direction exactly
  • Tension sensors and rope force sensors

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For load measurement on hoists, we manufacture (redundant) load measuring axles, e.g. for rope end points or rope pulleys as well as rope force sensors and tension sensors according to customer requirements.


Please let us know your requirements for a load measuring axle using this enquiry form. Please send us the completed form to: infoiffecde