Test Center for Construction and Mobile Working Machines

We provide testing services for operators and manufacturers of construction and mobile working machinery. The determination of deformation and stress states under static and dynamic loading as well as the operational stability is one of our core competencies.

In addition to accredited examinations, we also carry out customer-specific examinations.

Our testing services

Overview of our testing services

  • Endurance tests of cabins
  • ECE R29 driver's cab test
  • ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure)
  • FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure)
  • TOPS (Tip-over Protective Structure)
  • Other non-standardized determination of deformation and stress conditions as well as fatigue tests

Endurance test of cabins

Endurance test of cabins

We carry out endurance tests of vehicle cabins based on field measurements.

In addition to the lifetime tests, we also prepare damage analyzes by simulating operating conditions of the vehicle on the test bench. Examples are simulations of vibration tests on cabs for mobile cranes or on road sweepers.

ECE R29 Driver's cabin test

ECE R29 Driver's cabin test to protect occupants

We carry out tests on vehicle cabs in accordance with the requirements of the ECE R29 for the protection of occupants in the event of a frontal collision or rollover.

Components of the tests are:

  • Carrying out the required tests frontal impact and lateral impact as well as verification of the strength of the roof
  • Experimental procedure including video recording and damage documentation


ROPS according to DIN EN 3471

We carry out tests of rollover protective structures of earthmoving machines.

Components of the tests are:

  • Carrying out of tests simulating the tipping over and overturning of the vehicle
  • Lateral energy input depending on the vehicle mass and vehicle category
  • Simulation of the upside-down position with double vehicle load
  • Load entry from the rear (rolling back of the vehicle)
  • Measurement of forces and deformations
  • Accompanying stress measurements on ​​customer request possible


FOPS according to DIN EN 3449

We carry out tests of protective structures against falling objects on earth-moving machines.

In this test method, a reference block with an energy input of 11,600 joules falls on the protective structure in free fall.


TOPS according to DIN EN 13531

We carry out tests of tip-over protection structures for earth-moving machines. I the course of the test, the tipping over of the vehicle is simulated.